Monday, June 30, 2008

(June 26th - June 30th) 'Law Of Attraction'


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Dear Friends,

A lot has happened these last 18 mths. It hasn't all been good but that's changing fast and I want you to know why, because I know this can also work for each and every one of you! In fact...if you're still not a believer, we have a web site link here for you that will completely change your mind forever. I mean, this guy totally went from a poor Michigan boy into a wealthy businessman in no time at all, simply by actioning these principles in his own life...more about that soon. First a brief note on how I've used these principles to turn my own life around personally, with regards to how it's changed my business.

In fact, without hardly changing any of the content at the 'soon to be re-created' web site (E-Store completed resource site to follow), I managed with a little S.E.O and a lot of 'faith' or 'positive affirmation' 'positive attraction' in other words to completely turn its position around and take No. 1 at Google, Yahoo, Altavista and Lycos for more than two months now!

Here's why...

There's been a lot of talk lately about 'The Laws Of Attraction'. It's not a new-age concept at all. In fact, these principles have been around for thousands of years. So just why has the subject been getting so much publicity lately?

I'm sure most of you have heard of 'The Secret' by now. It outlines the underlying principles of 'The Laws Of Attraction' and just how, by aligning your thoughts with the universe, you can achieve health, wealth and happiness. One of the first notables that springs to mind who used these principles to transform his own life and many others into one of the world's greatest success stories is Napoleon Hill

I've seen a lot on this subject lately but this web site is one of the few that takes a more in-depth look by displaying what the brain wave patterns do. It talks about how the conscious and subconscious align themselves and sychronize themselves for a more symbiotic type relationship. By doing this you can then attract what it is you want most out of life.

Perhaps the most important discovery I made through reading the information on this site is the fact that by changing a few simple words in your thought programming you completely alter the results you are trying to achieve. Instead of saying "I make $200,000 a year" try saying "You make $200,000 a year". By doing this Justin Blake says "It is subtle, but your brain recognizes it as an outside source telling you a fact". This is what turned Justin Blake into a millionaire in just 3 years at the young age of 27!

Here's the link to Justin Blake's site. You'll love this, it's extremely interesting. Plus, a link below to the much talked about 'The Secret'. The principle Justin talks about is called 'Brain Entrainment', also known as "brainwave synchronization" and it works!

Click Here

What Is The Secret

The Secret Calendar

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