Wednesday, June 25, 2008

(June 25th) 'Wealthtuition E-Store Is Live!'


Update: 'Wealth Tuition' - New E-Store Is Launched - More Products Are On The Way!
Dear Friends,

The New E-Store is live along with its Free Membership Program!

(Currently undergoing surgery....please return at a later date - posted - July 25th 2017)

Get in while the going's good. If you secure a Free Membership right away you'll be locked in for Free for life and you'll only ever have to pay for the products. Some time soon new members will also have to pay a subscription fee of $4.95 per month to belong. So...lock in your Lifetime Free Membership while you can!

Once you've signed up for free you can access the $2 Software deals. For now there's just one product page but more will follow every 2-3 days so check in regularly. At first I'll be adding all of the 50 Reseller sites. Other products, some free, will then follow.

There are a few aspects still to correct. Please be patient whilst I work though these. However, we use 1ShoppingCart and Paypal Secure Servers so you can be sure that your purchases are fully protected!

The main point you'll notice is that you'll have to click twice the first time to add a product to the cart. This is just to bring up the logged in deals page, which keeps those out who are not logged in members. Once you have added the first product you'll then be returned to the page you were shopping at previously!

Thanks for your patience regards the launch. The site may just be new but there will be plenty to choose from over the coming weeks and months.

NB: I'm still in the process of changing the original site's price and layout but this should be completed today also. If you're looking for the 50 Package deal at $49.95 please surf back in later or tomorrow...thanks.

Here's the link:

Happy Shopping...the best deals are in the net!

'Spreading The Wealth Blessing'
Wealth Corp Strategic Securities Limited
'Investments In Vision'
Brett Young
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