Tuesday, June 24, 2008

(June 23rd - June 24th) 'Site Live 12:00 PM'

Update: 'Wealth Tuition' - New Site Launches 25th June 12:00 Pm!
Dear Friends,

Well after a few hiccups I'm pleased to tell you that your new Wealthtuition.com download site is 'ready to roll'.

In making sure the site can be used now and not later I've decided to open it with just its starter pages. That means you get the first products offered for just $2 each and you'll get a general feel for just what will be available to you . Not all products will be $2. Just those that have been around for a little while and have been archived. Upon saying that. Most of these products are still very current and sought after and have not yet been superseded on the internet by more advanced products. I'll be adding at least 2 new pages of products per week, so check in at least every 2 days.

You'll definitely get a great deal. The best on the net as far as I can tell. At $2 you can afford to experiment with these software and E-book Products. Some may impress you and many will exceed your expectations I feel. I am currently creating a mini-site for each and every one of these products. Check out the landing pages and get a feel for what each product can do. Take a look at the regular retail price and you'll see just how much you're saving here. Each of these products comes with full reseller rights so you can on-sell them. Just be careful to read the license details if you're planning on gifting them for free, as some of them do not give permission to do this.

Remember too: If you want these products for just $1 each, plus the full resale rights, you can. Simply navigate from the new site to the existing wealthtuition.com site and purchase the entire package at the new price of just $49.95. There will be a link for you to click on.

So...check back in tomorrow June 25th at 12:00 Pm (Pacific Time). The site will be live and I'll give you a link here at the blog. Our existing site will have the following changes made to it.

1. The price will drop to $49.95
2. The membership program will be replaced with a 'one time paypal payment' button.

The url will remain the same http://www.wealthtuition.com

This will be the site's homepage for some time, until every customer has had time to bookmark the new site. I'll give you the url for your new Software/E-book Store tomorrow!

Don't forget to join the affiliate program. You can profit by selling Products to others!
The new e-store comes with a Free Membership Program to give you access to the $2 deals!

By the way. Ecreations software library is still on the way. That one's just been delayed a bit, as Wealthtuition.com has taken precedence. In addition to this, time permitting I'm still planning on making a heap of new products available at Smartsavershop.com (ecreations.co.nz).

Thanks for stopping by, we'll see you all tomorrow. Wealthtuition.com's best traffic this year tallied 80,000 hits in one month so let's hope the servers can cope. If they can't please be patient. I'm sure things will smooth out the days following.

'Spreading The Wealth Blessing'
Wealth Corp Strategic Securities Limited
'Investments In Vision'
Brett Young
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