Tuesday, March 25, 2008

(Jan 10 - Mar 25) 'No Food Stamps - Video'


Updates: On Food Stamps - Now He's Makin' 6 Figures - Story Within!
Dear Friends,

Some of you have probably been wondering where I went. Well to tell you the truth, as some of you have discovered, sometimes you just have to be a little more selfish. Well, that's probably a not so nice way of saying...your life is important...you are important.

It's nice to do things for others and achieve your goals but sometimes you have to knuckle down and make a few changes first. Such was the case. Anybody with a little minimal effort can see how lucrative the internet is at the moment. That's not to say that there's no money in consumables, but competition is rampant. It's getting harder to find those hot deals to supply you with and so I decided more capital was needed and a better system if I was ever going to provide what I've promised - a site like no other on the Internet!

If Smartsavershop.com is to become the ultimate shopping portal in the near future it's quite simply going to have to get a large cash injection. The answer? Spend more time on the other two projects. So...I decided to dedicate more time to an offline project that is going to be incorporated with the site and also to upgrade Wealthtuition.com.

Thousands of hours later...and I do mean thousands...I'm completing a project that has the potential to bring in $1 billion per anum. It may seem like I'm blowing my trumpet, but please believe me when I say that my interests, as a Christian, rest with giving most of this money away. Some of it will be used to set up wildlife reserves for protected and endangered species. Some of it will be donated to other worthwhile causes. Really I can't let the cat out of the bag yet, but the grueling hours dedicated to this will see you in receipt of a shopping site like no other and a fantastic service to boot! I mean...I don't waste time on meaningless projects.

Speaking of worthwhile projects...has anybody noticed the ludicrous amounts of cash that can be made on the net these days? I have. That's where I've been. Learning from the best and putting together a 'Home-Based Passive Income' that anybody can do.

How many of you have heard this before? Only to discover that you had to put unrealistic time and effort into the business first. Either that, or you just plain lost interest because you had to part with $100 or more, which is quite a lot of money for most people these days!

That's where Wealthtuition.com comes in. You see...I was one of those people. Frustrated at being told by every Marketer out there that if I just did this or did that, then I would make 6 or even 7 figures. Well...after much research I discovered that it was true! But here's the catch...

Did you know that around 88-90 % of all Internet Marketers are making little or next to nothing at all online! Now...don't disappear because here's the good news!

There may be a big gap between the internet 'haves' and 'have nots' but the difference between the two groups can be bridged a lot easier than you would think. All it requires is knowledge! Even money doesn't matter and I'm going to prove it to you using one example that's spreading the Internet like wildfire at the moment. There are ordinary people from ordinary walks of life making extraordinary incomes on the Internet at the moment. These people are making big bucks from the most unusual sources. Try E-books on 'Massage Therapy' or 'Gardening and Herbs'. One successful marketer promotes a book on Golf and makes an income well into the six figures!

So....here's the ultimate proof that people are now discovering that the only secret to making big bucks online is...that there are no secrets...just knowledge and the desire to acquire it!

Take a look at this case study while it's still available. It'll really suprise you big time. This guy was on foodstamps and now he's set to make a fortune with his new business! Just because he took a little time out to learn the basics and then apply them!

Following that, take a look at the campaign I've just added to the homepage at Smartsavershop.com. In the last four days, hits to the site have quadrupled with this campaign and I've made it real easy to get involved because it's totally FREE!

I'll be putting up a new page soon that will offer various combinations of campaigns, currently offered by Pro Marketers on the Internet. The first Combo Plan is already under way. You'll be able to choose the one you like. It's just like going to McDonalds or Burger King!

But seriously...if you're one of those that has so far been too frustrated to try making money online, then don't sweat because even many of the top marketers have been in that position! Surprising huh! I mean...some of those earning 6 figures were about to give up, thinking they would never make any money, let alone a 6 figure income! Our campaigns involve the top players in the business. Try closing the homepage and check out the Pop-up 'OTO's. It took an actual 15 to 30 minutes to set those up and I could have done it in 15 minutes or less if I hadn't been loafing around trying everything out! Just these alone have quadrupled traffic to the site! The best part is you don't even need a web site or any money. The catch? There is none. You see it's in the best interests of these marketers to supply you free. It's called Viral Marketing and it' s been around a little while now but people are only just starting to see how much money this can make. Every time you make a sale or get more traffic, they get a slice of the action. It's as simple as that!

SO...enough said. Get on over to the homepage at http://www.smartsavershop.com and take a look. Before you do though. Check out this guys video. It's so easy what he's done...it'll make you cry!

That's all for now...sorry about the length but I had a lotta catchin' up to do, god bless!

PS: Have you joined our Free Affiliate Program yet? You'll need it to benefit from the sites I'm creating for you. I've already added Smartsavershop.com (Catalogue updates coming) and Wealthtuition.com (already smokin').

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PPS: Remember...we are now at http://www.smartsavershop.com/ (Only 1 S), although you can still access us at the old URL http://www.smartsaversshop.com/
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