Sunday, April 06, 2008

(Mar 26 - April 6th) 'Huge Facelift Coming!'

Updates: is about to go though a radical change!
Dear Friends,

In keeping with tradition, I'm about to re-face once again.

As I mentioned in one of my previous blogs, competition is fierce. I'm planning on making a large investment in the near future, in order to turn the shopping portal into what I had always intended it to be, something unique!

So, in the meantime I've decided to take a radical change of direction. It's not so much a change of direction really. More like an additional service I've decided to add!

This is to keep with the theme of 'saving you money'. It's quite an exciting move, as the new look shop will provide you with some extremely lucrative 'Home-Based Incomes'. These incomes have been tested and certified as 'Real Money Earners' not scams or rip-offs!

I've spent absolute years now checking out numerous Home-Based Incomes and Affiliate Programs, so I can spot a winner when I see one. My intentions were always to provide consumers with the best. However, instead of just promoting these through my new site I've decided to tie the two sites in together.

So...over the next two weeks I'll be upgrading the homepage and at some stage, swap em' over.

You're going to love these Home-Based Incomes. Until now, I've not been a fan of many of them. There have been a lot of Survey type scams unmasked over the years. Now...the whole ball game has changed. That's not to say that they are all legitimate now. Not by a long shot. Most of them in fact are still scams and it's hard to find any Home-Based opportunities that really do deliver what they promise.

These sites are the exception. They have been thoroughly tested and proven to work and are endorsed by many large and respected companies and organizations. it true then that you really can make a great living at home, just by partaking in surveys and research or data entry? Certainly that is the case and many people are now doing just that. Get in now while the going's good though. Some of these companies have enough participants and are ready to limit their intake severely!

I have always been a careful and credible businessman and believe me I would not endorse any Home-Based Business Opportunities that I thought might be dicey!

Stay close for the 'New Look' We're going to put some serious money in your pocket. I'll be reprioritizing the shopping portal into second place for a little while whilst this takes place as I believe this to be more important for now. I'll be working on that behind the scenes. Don't forget, the new site is already launched and we've got a great Home-Based Income tied in with it too!

Our Program differs from others on the net. I believe it's a web first. If it has been done, I certainly haven't seen any set up in this way. How is it different?

You can build your online income 'offline'. We have a Distributor Info pack at the site that you can download. This explains how you can promote your business offline and online and achieve a full time income within 7 mths, even if you only invest 1 hour per week and the best's Free to join. Take a look, you'll love it!

Stay close for those new changes coming!

PPS: Remember...we are now at (Only 1 S), although you can still access us at the old URL
'Spreading The Wealth Blessing'
Wealth Corp Strategic Securities Limited
'Investments In Vision'
Brett Young
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