Sunday, September 16, 2007

(Sept 14 - 17) 'New Website Changes Made'


  • Our Web Site name is changing. It's a subtle change, but one that I felt was right. You can access the current site under both names for a little while longer. However, please note that - from Nov 1st 2007 (Note the 2 S'ss together), will change to It just makes it a little easier to remember. We would ask you please to bookmark it, and start using the new domain name as soon as possible.
  • Once again...the new domain name is:
Also, if you remember this catch phrase - you can't go wrong

"smart saver - shop .com"
  • As most of you is a non-generic site, which will constantly mutate in order to closer suit the changing way in which we shop. Whilst I have been rebuilding the Catalogue, and the site, I have also been busy putting the finishing touches to a new site that you can benefit greatly from.
  • Within the next 7 days, your new Software Site will be available for access on the Internet. The new "Software Site" will be hosted at our current domain
  • See Below for the full story!
Dear Friends,

Most of you will be aware that we currently host here too, although is redirected from ecreations. This is why, in their infinite bid for cruelty towards many Web Masters, our ranking dropped from a 4 to a 1, thanks to a Google reshuffle, which was so severe that it put many AdSense Sites out of business.

Mmm...the powers to be never know who may be next!

Hold on though...

Here's the ultimate proof that you don't need a great Google ranking to get a great position, if you really know S.E.O (Search Engine Optimisation).

Type in "ecreations" and you'll find that we're ranked 29th out of 37,600 sites, so the re-direction is assisting our host site, not wrecking it. Here's another tip...rankings can change soooo fast. I started this blog 3 hours ago but had to leave it to complete something else. In those 3 hours we rose to 28th place out of 37,500 sites. The previous day we were ranked at 3oth place. Click Here to view. In terms of Keywords, that's a more difficult objective, as many a Web Master will know. Although, if you type in "Smartsaversshop" or "Smartsavershop", you'll find that there are no other entries besides ours. Watch us climb the Google Search Engine and you'll realise how imperative it is to have good S.E.O Software. You can access the same software we use "Traffic Travis" below...happy optimising! back to the new site that's coming. At our new "Software Site" you'll be able to host your software and provide a review for any Internet Surfer looking for software. To do this requires Joining the new Site's Membership Program, although it will be Free for some time. Quite likely the rest of this year at least, until it starts to fill. The same way as Smartsavershop is Free. It's a great looking site, yet well set out and easy to use. Users can Log in and upload their Software and once admin has checked it out, it will be listed for sale.

Stay will be ready within the next 7 days, all going well!

'Spreading The Wealth Blessing'
Wealth Corp Strategic Securities Limited
'Investments In Vision'
Brett Young
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