Wednesday, September 12, 2007

(Sept 10 - 13) 'In Memory & The Real Story'


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Dear Friends,

A Blog today, in remembrance of all those who lost their lives in the 911 disaster. My heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to them, and of course to their families and friends. My apologies for being a day or two late.

We can remember how they touched the lives of many, whilst here on Earth, and pay due diligence to putting new measures in place, to make sure a repeat of this event can not ever happen again.

There is also something else we should consider. You see...I don't believe we should just put this down to Global Terrorism. To do that would be too simple, given the mounting evidence, which backs the theories of many conspiracy writers and investigators. We owe the truth, not just to those who died, but also to ourselves. I can not make up your mind for you on such matters. However, take a look again at a past Blog I posted and leave me your thoughts and opinions. Those who saw the Documentary would have to agree that there is more to this event than meets the eye. You decide for yourself!

Here's the Blog Link. It contains a link to a site that will leave you truly opinionated!

In's another Site you may wish to access

God Bless, those who lost their lives, their family and their friends.

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Brett Young
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