Tuesday, July 31, 2007

(July 31) 'Wealth Corp's Affiliate Program'

Dear Friends,

'The Wealth Builders Affiliate Program' has been refurbished, and is once again ready for you to Promote and Earn Cash!

Within the Program are Several Categories of Products, which you can Profit from.

There is for example, the Main Default Program for 'Project-101'. Commissions for this are:

Level 1 = 60%
Level 2 = 30%

You can get a more indepth view at Wealthtuition.com

I'm Assigning an Independent Affiliate Program for Each of the 50 Reseller Sites. The First 2 are Complete. The same Commissions Apply, for each of the 50 Digital Product Mini-Sites. Before the end of this year, each of the 50 Mini-Site's Affiliate Programs will be Complete.

It's well worth Promoting these Links for Cash. You'll have to Join the Affiliate Program first. It's Free to Join , and to Remain a Member!

Try Out These Links

You'll notice that there is No Assigned Affiliate I.D at the end of the URL. That's because I've Cloaked the Affiliate Links to Prevent Commission theft. Quite simply, the Designated Extensions are Far Safer. This is because an Affiliate can not remove your Affiliate I.D and Replace it with their Own. Click the Links Below for a Preview.




Once You've Joined Our 'Free Affiliate Program' you can also promote Links that will take your customer straight to the 'Cart' or to the 'Order Form', should you wish!

This Link takes the Customer Directly to the 'Shopping Cart'.


Whereas this Link takes the Customer Directly to the 'Order Form'.


We've got the World's Top Affiliate Program Software from 1ShoppingCart.com, working to assist you in Multiplying Your Profits!

Take a Free Membership, and start profiting, so long as you observe our Anti-Spamming Policy!

Join Here!

That's all for now...catch you soon and thanks for all your Support!

'Spreading The Wealth Blessing'
Wealth Corp Strategic Securities Limited
'Investments In Vision'
Brett Young
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