Monday, July 30, 2007

(July 27 - 30) 'Some Great Changes Coming!'

Dear Friends,

Most of you will already be aware that has been quietly mutating over the last 12 mths or so. In fact, I actually put it pretty much on hold for some time, in order to produce more revenue from This was so that I could prepare for the coming changes to!

In the near future will go through some radical changes, with new concepts being introduced all of the time. In stark contrast to other Shopping Sites, is a mutating site, never staying the same until it reaches its peak. With the coming introduction of Smartsaverscard, now to be released 2008 at the earliest, I've been quietly working behind the scenes on some new ideas.

With this in mind, I've migrated our Catalogue to, although we won't switch servers just yet. You'll see the introduction of a 'Members Log In Area'. will soon become a fully fledged 'Members Only Site'. It will be 'Free' to Join and 'Free' to Belong. From the 'Members Catalogue', once you've logged in, you'll be able to access the Hottest Best Buy Deals on the Internet - Lowest Prices Guaranteed! You'll Link from there to the Most Competitive Prices On the Internet, Saving you hundreds and some of you even thousands, of dollars.

Have you Shopped at Salehoo yet, from our Homepage Top Banner? They have, without a doubt, one of the Best Ranges of Products and Lowest Prices on the Internet!

Just one more bit of news before I go!

I'll be removing the $2 Deal by "12:00 AM Thursday - 2nd July", for's Project-101 Reseller's Program. If you want a 'Lifetime Gold Membership' you'll have to be in before then, as it's rising to $35 after this! You can access the link from our Homepage!

Soon you'll see the long awaited 'Catalogue' taking shape, and those links will be Powerful!

My job is to save you all of the legwork, and cut to the chase. You don't want to be spending all of your time searching for the hottest deals. Let me do all of the legwork for you, so that you can get on with enjoying your purchases. I'll only Link to Reputable Companies, so that you can be sure that you can trust who you're buying from!

Okay...that's it for now. Stay close and get ready to save. Oh and I have located a fantastic source for the Popular 'Gold Edition Motorola Razr'. You'll be able to access that link from the first Catalogue that I'll put up soon. Until then, take care and we'll see you soon!

'Spreading The Wealth Blessing'
Wealth Corp Strategic Securities Limited
'Investments In Vision'
Brett Young
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