Tuesday, June 05, 2007

(June 5) 'Project-101 Nears Completion!'

Dear Friends,

Welcome back...hope you all had a relaxing break...whether it was Memorial Weekend...Queen's Birthday, or otherwise elsewhere in the world. That's what's great about the Internet...its ability to close the gap so easily between nations.

Speaking of which, that's what we're about to do with Project-101. But first things first.

It looks like we'll go live, either Wednesday or Thursday...so long as there are no more unintended accidents or the like!

Here's what I've decided to do with Project-101 upon launch:

  • The First 101 Members to Join, will Pay the Insanely Low Price of just $35 U.S That means you're Paying less than $1 for Each Sizzling Hot Master Resale Rights Product!
  • The Next 101 Members to Join, will Pay the Discounted Price of just $70 U.S That's still a great deal. You'll be getting Each Hot Master Resale Product for less than $2!
  • The Next 101 Members to Join, will Pay the Discounted Price of just $97 U.S Again...I consider this an Incredible Deal, for all the Great Tools and Products you can sell!
  • The Last 197 Members to Join, will Pay the Full Non-Discount Price $197 U.S Still a great deal for what you get. Be Quick when we launch though, to get the Best Deal!
Okay...so that's the deal...and wait until you see what you get! These are 'HOT NEW' Products on the market...so they haven't been rehashed and thrashed...designed to sell fast and easily!

It's without a doubt the fastest and easiest way to make money on the Internet. Dozens of Six Figure and Seven Figure Income Earners can't be wrong!

There may not be any such thing as a 'Get Rich Quick Scheme' but this is the next best thing...a 'Get Rich Faster Scheme'. What a great way to fill our pockets and pass some on to those in need, and that brings me to my next point!

Soon we'll reveal to you just how we plan to do that. For now I'm concentrating on the Product Launch. Let's aim for Wednesday or Thursday. However, I may need another day or two up my sleeve. The Good News is that Project-101 is near completion so start sending your friends a link to our Homepage at Smartsaversshop.com. That's where we'll be launching the New Site from!

Bye for now...and remember...Live a little...Give a little...Love a lot!

'Spreading The Wealth Blessing'
Wealth Corp Strategic Securities Limited
'Investments In Vision'
Brett Young
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