Thursday, May 17, 2007

(May 13 - 17) 'Project-101 Program Update'


From: The Desk Of Brett Young
Date: 17th May 2007

Hi surfers, and welcome to Project-101 Update.

No doubt some of you will be asking this question.

Do you really think it's possible to Create 101 Millionaires in such a short space of time?

The short answer is a resounding YES!

However, as a Business Man, I'm not naive. I realize that in order to pull this off many factors would have to be in our favour. Any one of these factors could slow things down considerably or even cause the Project to fall short. You see...I know from my Research on the Internet, and having seen the Evidence for myself, that there are Millionaires being created Every Other Day, on the Internet.

Those who haven't certified this for themselves should, if they have an interest in becoming Wealthy that is! Now...don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that Money is the be all to end all. In fact, as a Christian, this is totally Contrary to what I Believe. I know this is going to stir up a few Individuals, although that's not my intention.

The Facts Remain. The Bible doesn't say that Money is Evil. It states that 'the love of Money is the...Root of all Evil'. That is...the excessive love of it. Those who have made an In-depth Study of Spirituality will know that we are supposed to Rule over the Earth...and that my friends includes Financial Wealth, not just Spiritual Wealth!

Look at the Positive Aspects of what Wealth has done in the world today. There's no Nobility in Poverty at all. People such as, dare I say it...Bill Gates (keep working on those products Bill...especially Word), and Oprah Winfrey, have done so much to assist those who need it. We don't always have to like every aspect of someone, or what they do, in order to Appreciate what they've Done for Others.

I mean a lot of people still think that Microsoft Products leave a lot to be desired. I constantly struggle with this myself, often Downloading a Better Third Party Solution. And yet there can be no doubt that Bill's heart is in the right place, when it comes to Compassion.

Anyway...we're starting to stray from the Subject here a little. My point is this. Project-101 Is Capable of producing 101 Millionaires. Can we do it within the time frame? Will we produce a quarter of this, or even a half of this number, within the Allotted Time frame?

It would be Unreasonable to place all of the emphasis on Project-101, and expect it to be the only Factor in your Quest to Become One of our 101 Millionaires. There must be a Commitment on Your Part. Not only must You be Willing to Trust and follow the Instructions you'll be given. You must Possess, or be Willing to Possess, the necessary Personal Attributes that a Millionaire Acquires, in order to become Wealthy in the first place. That's something that in itself becomes a Component of Project-101!

So...brace yourself. Take a deep breath and Ask Yourself. DO I want to Remain in the Situation that I'm in at present. Or do I want to Do Something about it?

Soon, we'll be Revealing to you, just what it is that we'll be asking our 101 Millionaire Graduates to do when they Reach their Personal Goal of a Millionaire Dollars of Net Worth.

Project-101 is Open to all. Those who just want a bit more money. Those who want a lot more money and those who wish to become a Millionaire. Keep in mind though. There can only be 500 Members of the Close Knit Community that is the hub of Project-101, and that is the Goal of becoming a Millionaire. There will be Special Incentives and Assistance, available to those who are Showing Promise in their quest. We'll also, in time be looking at JV's (Joint Ventures) with other Internet Marketers, to really make this a Special Project. So for now. Give this some thought...

Are You Willing to do what it order to become a Millionaire?

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