Friday, May 11, 2007

(May 6 - 12) 'Project-101 ~ 50% Discount'

From: The Desk Of Brett Young
Date: 12th May 2007

About that announcement we promised you.

First apologies for being late again. All I can say is, that it's not always easy to stick to times and dates. I mean its always our best intentions isn't it? But things like sprained ankles etc seem set to test us. SO...if I make an announcement, you can be sure that most of the time I'll actually be on time and rarely I won't, as none of us are perfect, me included. However, rest assured that I will deliver what I promise. that I've dispensed with the Pain Killers, on with the announcement!

I know your Bank Accounts will be as swollen as my ankle still is...if you follow my Advice, and use Project-101 to the letter.

In fact...I'm so excited about the Release of Project-101 that I've decided to go all out and Offer a Generous 50% Discount To The First 100, who purchase the Project-101 Package.

I'm still completing Project-101. However, I decided...why wait until the Package is complete before offering it up to you, when you could be setting up your New Business and Starting to Profit from it right away, even before all the Tools are ready. That's why I decided on a Pre-Release of Project-101, before it's Official Launch Date. You'll still get all of the Components that Project-101 has to Offer. You'll just have to wait a little longer for some of the Promotional Tools I'll be giving you. Also, you'll still be able to Start Bringing In Cash, right away with your new 'Home Based Business'.

So...I've slashed the Official RRP by a whopping 50%!
Below are the Details!

Project-101 ~ Lifetime Gold Membership

Pre-Release Date: Between June 1st and June 5th!

RRP: $70 U.S

Special Discount 50%: For The First 100 Only - $35 U.S!

Be in quick. This offer won't last long, and you'll see why, when I Introduce Project-101! It really is Value for Money. I could Easily sell this Package for $300...$500 or even more. However, I want Every Individual to be able to Afford it. That's why I've kept the Price down. That's also why I've structured Project-101 with 3 Different Options!

So...stay close...this is going to be a fantastic 'Home Based Business Opportunity' that anyone will be able to do! Talk with you soon, and I'll have some more Great Web Site Links for you too.

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