Wednesday, June 20, 2007

(June 20 - 21) 'Re: Free Membership Coming'

Dear Friends,

There are some great changes coming to the 2 Sites!

  • The Monthly Membership Program will soon be Re-Introduced.
  • It will be Free to Join, and doing so will provide you with many Benefits.
  • You'll gain access to the Shopping Portal, which is to go through a restyle, and link with our new Power Mall. We'll also run Specials linking to many other Shopping Sites on the Internet, culminating in a Super Mall. Sure there are many already available. However, we'll link you with the Best Buys, so that you don't have to do the Surfing. Think of the Time you'll Save!
  • In addition, you'll receive 1 New Reseller's Template, Complete with Product and Full Reseller's Rights for Each Month that you Belong. Provided your Membership stays current for at least 1 Year, you'll then be able to Buy the Complete 'Gold Membership Package' of 50 Hot Reseller's Web Sites, with Full Reseller's Rights, for just $19.95 U.S!
  • That's a Savings of 90% on the final R.R.P Price of a 'Gold Membership' with us.
  • Why the Huge Discount? We want Membership Loyalty within our Community. We want to grow it fast, making your Community a Powerful one with Great Buying Rights! So, I'm prepared to do some Crazy deals to get us there!
  • Of course you can still get the entire Collection for just $35 U.S if you're quick, which brings me to the next point.
  • Project-101 Cost Rises. I've decided to make the Project-101 Cost Rises 'Time Sensitive'. This is fairer to all, and gives everyone the Opportunity to Grab a Package before it goes up. Below are the dates that the entire Collection will Rise on.
  • Increases to $70 on August 31st 07'
  • Increases to $97 on October 31st 07'
  • Increases to $197 on December 31st 07'

So,to sum it all up...
  • Once you've subscribed to the Free Monthly Membership Program, you'll receive 1 New Reseller's Web Site each month,Complete with Product and Full Resellers Rights, Completely Free of Charge. That's my way of saying, thanks for being a Valued Member of Our Community.
  • After you've belonged for at least 1 Year, you can become a 'Gold Member' for just $19.95 U.S! That's a Massive Discount of 90%! You'll get all 50 Template Packages in 1 Hit.
  • One of the Advantages of being upgraded to 'Gold Membership' is that you'll have Instant Access to all Digital Products in our 'Private Members Area'. You'll also receive other exciting offers, and no we won't send you endless unreasonable amounts of email. I hate Spam as much as you do. You will however have to remain a Subscribed Member, in order to Receive and Remain 'Gold Membership Status'. That's the only stipulation. Outside of that, there are no requirements.
Well...thanks for reading this. I can't wait to welcome you to the New Smartsaversshop and Project-101 Community. Shopping Savings, and Wealth Creation combined. Now that's gotta be a winner!

See you all soon...and stay close for those changes!

'Spreading The Wealth Blessing'
Wealth Corp Strategic Securities Limited
'Investments In Vision'
Brett Young
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