Monday, November 27, 2006

(Nov 24 - 27) 'Smartsaversshop 2006 Xmas Message'

Hi Smartsaversshop Members, And Merry Christmas For The Festive Season!

With Only 28 days until Christmas, we're trying to get as many products loaded to the new look Site as quickly as possible, so you can make some incredible savings. Not just in buying gifts for others, but also shouting yourself with some of that Christmas Bonus money you've been wanting to use. Co-ordination is a mammoth effort, so please be patient.

Whilst we say this, it's important to also remember those less fortunate than ourselves this year, as it is every Christmas or any other time of the year for that matter. There will be those suffering this year, especially the lonely, the elderly and those who have lost family members.

Let's all make Christmas a safe and joyous experience, and also try to do something for someone in need. There have been times for all of us, when we have felt in need of some love and there just hasn't been anyone there to comfort us. Let us all remember how that feels, and try to alleviate someones loss this Christmas!

No doubt there will be a few asking "How does encouraging people to spend money, assist them to save money?"

It is simply human instinct to want things for ourselves. Things we can enjoy that just make life a little more interesting. We should remember however the main reason we are all here, and that is to experience the sharing of our soul in a way that is beneficial not just to our self, but also to others, thus achieving the maximum growth we can achieve within ourselves.

Since people are going to spend money anyway, what better opportunity than to collect and donate 10% of all the profits collected through for worthwhile Charities around the world. It provides us with a supreme opportunity to teach a wealth savings acumen and a charitable soul. Further to this, with the S.P.A.N Program we will be implementing in the near future, our methodology provides additional assistance to our members, to accumulate savings more rapidly and provide for their future, and that of their family upon retirement.

You can get an overview of the methodology we are employing throughout the next 2 - 3 years, to assist you in creating wealth for yourself, your family, and others. Simply, go to our 'Tours' page and Download our informative PowerPoint's. Click Here: Tours

We Wish You All A Merry Christmas, and a very Safe Festive Season. Drive safely, allocate a dedicated driver and try to avoid the roads at night.
Let's all see 2007 in safely!

God Bless You All
'Making Poverty History'
Your Friend
Brett Young

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