Saturday, October 14, 2006

(Oct 13 - 14) 'A1 Photo And Video Site'

How Is Everyone? Survived Friday The 13th? Our Blogger Didn't!
I was going to give you some excellent links, but the Blogger wouldn't work! Hmmm?

Anyway...Here's a great site to make up for yesterday. You'll find millions of Pics and Videos here, and there's some pretty interesting ones.

I'm keeping the blogs short and sweet lately, aside from this one, as we are spending quite some time preparing the site for some excellent upcoming changes. We're about to add some exciting new products and you'll get the same deal as with the MP3 and MP4 players.

You've gotta ask yourself this question:

Let's say you were buying the latest Corvette, and there was another one beside it with a different name. Exactly the same car. Same engine, same interior, same parts etc, and the same standard of quality. Yet, the price of the one not named Corvette was $20,000 less expensive. Would I buy the Corvette? You betcha! But only if money was no object and I had a few hundred thousand to spare.

You see, it's the same scenario here at!

We offer the same goods as you'll find anywhere else. Many of the goods you purchase today are manufactured at the same factory. Suppliers purchase from these factories and place their company logo upon the product before selling it. In fact, we'll be adding our own brand name to the products we sell, in the near future.

Who were Mitsubishi and Sony before they became well known brand names? What are you actually paying for? Is it the product. No. You see whilst those companies would never have gotten off the ground had they sold poor quality products, they also did not offer anything over and above most other consumable suppliers. Aside from some top name players offering new technology in their field, available with our products anyway, essentially all you are being sold on is the reputation they have developed over many years and the vast number of clients who have purchased their products!

Now, I'm not suggesting that we are selling products that come from the Mitsubishi or Sony factories. Many of the top Brand Name suppliers have developed their own manufacturing plants. What I am saying is that the products we sell here at are of the same quality. In addition to this we stand by our products and offer a minimum 1 Year Warranty period, just like our competitors. We also offer service second to none. If you ever have a question related to our products or services, we'll respond promptly and efficiently.

At we realize that to be in business you have to stay in business. My personal philosophy is that if you ever try to get through life by cheating someone, you are not only cheating that person but you are cheating yourself, and will only lose in the long run. Noone ever profits from this approach, and I personally make it my duty to bring these people to justice as quickly as possible, and so should you.

Rest assured that you will never become wealthy in life by wasting money on products that are one and a half times or twice the cost as the well known brands on the market. If showing your friends that you have the brand label is more important to you than making a savings, when the pre-branded product is less expensive, then you will inevitably struggle with your finances. We are committed to assisting you to save to enjoy life more thoroughly and retire wealthy. That's why we keep our prices low and affordable. Yet, you'll still receive quality and service with a smile. So, forget about the ego attachment assigned to labels and become one of those millions who are now bucking the trend, in order to save money and become more wealthy.

Stay right here with us, because we are about to become a force in the E-Tailing industry to be reckoned with . Proving, that you don't have to just sell brand products to make it big. Our Affiliate Program is almost ready too. So you'll have your own site to promote on the Web.

Now...Here's that link we promised you:

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