Monday, September 18, 2006

(Sept - 18) 'Great Site For Music Buffs!'

Hi Smartsavers!
There's no doubt about it. There's millions of music buffs on our planet now, some of them quite talented. I've been songwriting for more than 20 years now and playing the guitar for over 30, just love music. The reason I'm telling you this is that I'll be setting up my own Recording Label soon and I'd love to let you know how you can too! Yes...It's now possible for anyone with a little passion for music to set up their own Recording Label and Profit whilst Promoting others. As many of you know, there's some pretty good cash to be made too. I'm talking Millions...Not just Thousands!

Anyway...That's a little later. For now, take a look at this great Web Site. You can find out what bands were charting and other interesting information on your Birthday or any other day you choose:

Click Here:

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