Thursday, May 15, 2008

(April 7th - May 15th) IT Wealth Tuition - L1


Update: 'Internet Wealth Tuition' - Lesson 1 - 'Optimization'
Dear Friends,

My apologies again for the gap in blogging. I've been pressed for time. There are quite a few components to consider when putting a successful project together. Today I'm starting the first in a series of 'insight tutorials', to let newbies in on what they have to be prepared to do, in order to achieve success on the internet.

I'll try to stick to 1 day towards the end of the week and there will be just one tutorial per week. Also the tutorials will be brief and to the point, as I know how little time we all have these days.

The tutorials are quite simply called: 'Online Wealth Tuition'. I've chosen this title as it reflects 2 important aspects of what we're trying to do here.

1. You need a 'voice' on the Internet. That is, others need to get to know you/your company.
2. You need a top Google Ranking. Google is the pinnacle of SEO (search engine optimization).

It goes without saying that the two are symbiotic and also very dependent on one another. But just how do we go about getting known on the internet?

I've outlined two methods below

  1. Optimization: If you can put aside $80 - $120 you're half way there. SEO software is the quickest way to obtain a web presence. Maximising your web pages and in particular your homepage will raise your ranking on the search engines. Your pages are crawled by robots. These robots automatically crawl through and record every point of detail on every page of your web site that is crawled. This is known as 'indexing'. A poorly optimized page will be reflected in the low ranking that your site will achieve on the search engines. A highly optimized page, quite the opposite. Optimization may seem like a daunting task at first. However, with good SEO software it's practically a breeze. When I started optimizing my sites, several years ago, I had no 'web presence' at all and traffic was slow. I purchased SEO Software Traffic Travis and set about optimizing., also hosted at, will soon be re-optimized to web 2.0 standards. I've not been too concerned until now, as I've been spending more time on developing the sites' direction. It currently holds a first page ranking for company name 'ecreations'. However, it's important to note something here: A ranking for company name, although great for making sure your customers find you, is a good start. However, if it's a great 'web presence' you want and a ton of traffic, you need to be optimized for 'search terms'. These are words and terms that are 'site' and 'content' friendly. Your SEO software will find the correct terms for you, so it's not too daunting a task. All you have to do is place these terms within your web pages and in addition within your metatags. Note: Content must be relevant. Choosing search terms that are high in 'hits' from within the search engines, that is to say many people have entered that into their browser or 'googled' it as is often said, does not guarantee you a high amount of traffic if those terms are not pertinent to your sites' purpose. For example. If you placed the word 'shrubs' throughout your site, because 'shrubs' might be getting a lot of hits that month and your site was selling automobiles then the robots would look down on your site. This can give it a negative ranking and this would be detrimental to your objective so make all of your content, or as much as is possible, relevant to your sites' purpose. Placing links to important sites and hot stories on the web is another way to drive more traffic to your site. Using Traffic Travis has pushed one of my sites to a top position on the search engines. Recently ranked at No.1 on Google, it is now being resubmitted. You will find that your submission will drop off some search engines after 30 days. A heavy workload can take this toll. Consider joining this site that I will be using to keep submission current. They will take care of all of that for you so that you're free to do other things, is currently ranked No.1 at Yahoo and Altavista (Yahoo administrates Altavista) and has been resubmitted to Msn and other major search engines. It is currently up for sale if any of my readers are interested in a hot purchase. It has huge potential in the 'Financial', 'Self Employment' and 'Self Improvement' internet arenas and the possibilities are endless. This brings me to my last point here. Choosing a great domain name is important. Recently was sold for $2.6 million. Yet it was bought back in 1994 by Chris Clark for just $20! That's not a bad return huh! You'll find for sale here at Craigslist. If link has expired, please contact the webmaster by emailing
  2. Forums/Blogs: Leave your comments at other peoples' Web Forums and Blogs. Make sure your comments are short, to the point and relevant to the sites' purpose. Most sites will not frown on you for leaving your web sites' link after your comments. Make sure your comments are composed in a story or pertinent to the subject or you may be accused of 'spamming'. Leaving your 'mark' will create 'backlinks' to your site from others' sites. Backlink traffic can be very valuable, especially when coming from a high-ranking site such as Youtube!
That's all we've got time for today!

Thanks for stopping in - I'll provide some links pertinent to the above subject at the end of the first series of tutorials!

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