Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Warren Buffet - Investment Strategies

"Investments In Vision"


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FromThe Desk: - Brett Young - Wealth Mentor
Dear Entrepreneurs

Here's some advice from one of the wealthiest business men I know.

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# A solid business should be simple and easy to understand. Know exactly what you’re getting.

# A solid business should have a durable competitive advantage. A powerful brand. A key patent. It should have a moat.

# A solid business should have brand recognition. Instantly recognizable. Providing the same service or products for the next 10 years.

# A solid business occupies a large slice of the human’s mind share.

# A solid business should be selling something that is not going to go out of style. Reducing greatly spending profits on R & D. Such as running shoes or carbonated drinks. It is a business that is predictable. Eg: KFC. Can raise its prices without the fear of a back lash.

# A solid business should be one where a consumer needs to use or to buy a specific service or product repetitively.

# A solid business has pricing power. Must be able to raise the price of goods whilst reducing the costs of creating them.

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