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Covid-19 Broke Need Cash?

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Dear Entrepreneurs

It's been a testing 4 weeks for everyone globally.

I don't wish to seem heartless. I 've been praying for us all. In particular, my heart goes out to all those who have lost someone.

However, during tough times it's important to remember 'The Lord helps those who help themselves'. We need to pick ourselves up, 'keep calm and carry on'. In fact, with so many now jobless and finally with some spare time on my hands I thought I would reach out to you all and do my share. I hope this article gives beginners some inspiration to start their own internet journey, with no money and no experience. There's never been a better time for me too. Here's why...

From Zero To World No: 1 Ranking Site

Back in 2002-2003 I came across a successful Internet Marketer called 'Jeff Dedrick'. I'll give you a link further on. I bought a bundle of PLR (private label rights), from Jeff. You know, the page where there's 50 images in a row of what looks like boxed software products. I didn't expect too much to happen but nonetheless I was curious. It wasn't long before I became bored with the concept of selling these products. This is fairly typical of new Internet Marketers. Plus I've always been known for jumping from project to project. Until now that is. Here's why...

First Attempts

I took Jeff's products and modelled an extensive html template with login areas, to try and create my first membership site. It wasn't easy. There was no Wordpress back then, not like now. I had completely no experience in web design. I was self taught. Then something rather interesting and surprising happened. From 2004 I was pulling some reasonable traffic from this site which I no longer have the domain for. About 12,000 page views per month. Not a lot by today's standards. Yet, remember I had no web design experience and no money to market my website. It wasn't long before I turned my attention to what was possible with web design and I lost interest in the marketing aspects. Since then I began my own web design company. I'll drop a link later.

Facebook and Social Media

2004 and something has the internet buzzing. It's a new tool for social hook-ups. A young University student Mark Zuckerberg has developed a platform from the origins of some other colleagues and run with it. Originally only available to University students, it opens its doors to the world in 2006, making Zuckerberg a billionaire.

My mind starts racing around 2007 and I start getting back to the drawing board. Yet, it's not until 2011 that I turn my attentions to WordPress. After dabling with flash and powerpoint my entire focus was now on WordPress.


Since its introduction in 2003 Wordpress now claims a 33.6% share of the top 10 million websites, as of April 2019. That's why many of us claim it's the world's top CMS (content management system). The best part is that not only are there too many developers to even list worldwide, it's also free to install on most types of public servers. There's an endless supply of plugins and both free and premium themes. Plus there's countless forum support articles and tuition available. The decision to switch to WordPress was an easy one. In fact, I won't develop websites using anything else..I'll drop you a link later to my web design company.

Back To The Future

I don't mean the movie.

2011 and I'm teaching myself WordPress. It becomes apparent very quickly that building a membership site is now going to be so much easier. Yet, here's the reward. I put an enormous amount of time into what's called 'key content'. Website robots or crawlers used to be more interested in what a developer included in their 'title', 'description' and 'metatags'. I did put a reasonable amount of time into this, using key-word analysis tools I had purchased. Of course, Google provides all of that free now. Yet, my intuition told me that content was so much more important. My 'hunch' paid off. The website that I mentioned at the start of this article was holding its own. Google had now turned its attention to 'rich keyword content'. My website was ranking consistently in the first three pages. Of course, I wouldn't be satisfied until I was number 1, world's top ranking website on Google! At least, for my chosen category.

The Arrival

So I scrapped the first website and rebuilt it using WordPress. Yet, here's what you need to pay attention to. Aside from reading a few articles like this one, I mainly fumbled my way through, trying this, trying that. We didn't have the immense A/B email testing survey results and the immense studies on web viewer psychology available today. At least, not in a big way! So...what pushed my website into first place on Google and kept it there for the last 6 months?

The Blog!

The Blog you're viewing right now! Despite the days when my blogs really only found their way to the eyes of casual internet browsers and for the most part still do, it's these people like you that are my 'captive audience'. Not everyone needs to be a top Blogger and that's why Google made Blogger, formally Blogspot available to the average Joe like you and I. Have you noticed how many times I've dropped the name 'Google' into this article and even 'emphasised' it. You see, Google just loves to hear (...), let"s not overdo it now! Remember, the robots are clever. Too much flattery may lose you points! Remember, using a blogging platform created and owned by Google will win you some brownies points, if you're looking for that Google 'star ranking'.

WTA University

So, I was driving traffic for free from my blog to my website and vice versa. That helped push my website into first place on the Google search engine. Google's search robots see this as tuition that can drive more traffic to their business and fill their pockets. That's great you say but what about me?

WTA University has been ranking in first place for my intended search term 'wealth tuition' for the last six months to April 15th of 2020.

This means I can now fine tune my attention to filling my website with the tools and resources that can assist aspiring new and even established internet marketers to start achieving their dreams and that's my primary focus in being here, to 'pay it forward'. It's also a big step towards becoming an Internationally aclaimed speaker on the topic of 'wealth' and how we can put it to better use to alleviate world poverty, crime and disease. So, you're assisting me too. It's a 'win-win' situation! Whatever your goal, whether it's just to make some extra cash or reach for the stars and become a successful internet millionaire, you'll have the tools and resources available. I don't promote anything illegal, such as ponzi schemes. These are all very real and achievable methods to assist you with financial and spiritual freedom. All I ask is that you consider 'paying it forward' to someone else, as soon as you start to achieve some success.

My eventual vision for Wealth Tuition Angel University is for it to be a stand alone social networking site, outside of WordPress, that can compete with the likes of Facebook and Pinterest (an idea that I had but someone beat me to the crunch). Pinterest became the fastest growing social networking site in the history of the internet. At its peak it commanded more traffic than YouTube, Google+ (deprecated), Yahoo, Facebook and Twitter combined! Ah...if only I'd had the capital to create it! Any of us are ccapable of accumulating that capital!

No Capital - No Experience!

Why not start working on your dream today.! WTA University will soon be filling its classrooms with Teachers (Angels), who can lead the way. However, many budding internet marketers who are starting out have little or no money to invest. Nearly all successful internet marketers these days offer only the $997 plus buy in option which most starting out can't afford. To be honest, it annoys me because they only have one focus in mind, to make a lot of money. They preach about 'helping others', yet they're really only 'helping themselves'. Yet, not the way I suggested at the start of this article! I would urge you not to become another one of these solely, and I stress the word solely, 'high ticket item greed merchants'! Let"s all be more responsible, more compassionate internet marketers! Pay it forward!

The Facts

1. There's never been a better time to become self employed from the internet, even if you have no money and no experience at all! Especially during a global lock-down and the jobless who will need your assistance and encouragement afterwards.

2. There's never been a better time to help someone else to accomplish their goals.

But wait a minute...you say...I don't have enough time for me, after this is all over, let alone somebody else. That's the magic of being an Online Entrepreneur. Even if you're starting out, every time you make a sale if you put just 10% aside to do a good deed...doesn't that make it all worthwhile! It's money you never had in the first place, so you're not going to miss just 10%!

More Facts...

1.  You can start with zero $$

2.  You can start with zero experience

3.  You can start from 1 hour a week (slow)

4.  You can start from 30 minutes a night (faster)

5.  You can start from 1 hour a night (very fast)

Please keep in mind. Everyone is different. Some may take a while to grasp it. Others may take no time at all. The main thing to remember is be consistent and never give up!

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Please return frequently to discover the tools and resources I'll be adding this week from April the 17th 2020, to assist you with your goals!



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