Thursday, August 23, 2018

Bitcoin Revolution - Legitimate Opportunity

"Investments In Vision"


Update: 'Watch This Blog'
Dear Online Marketers,

From my FB Page...

Today's Hot Investment advice on how to become a multi-millionaire or even billionaire...

Been looking for something legit that works...take a look at this article. I will also note...if you guys really want to make wealth, I mean real what I'm doing and bind all of your thoughts and vibrations to the wealth covenant of Elohim. The wealth really belongs to God. Put him first in all that you think and all that you do.

Want proof?

Nearly one thousand years ago I started the Knights Templar. This is irrefutable and is found within the bible code next to my name. My mothers maiden name is also Knight.

Nearly one thousand years later The Knights Templar International fortune..sacred wealth is worth $780 U.S Trillion!! It was recently offered to wipe out America's debt and both America and Britain turned it down but why?

Because our very name they are too scared to mention in parliament. We are the wealthiest and most powerful sacred elite in the world and they know it. They don't want us to be in control, but tough cookies because we already are!

We are already controlling both America and Britain from the inside. We are the most secretive and wealthiest faction in the world.

I am back and soon to step back into the International Presidency as the only known survivor of the world's most best kept secret the sacred wealth of God and The Knights Templar.

Personally I am about to become a Billionaire myself in the near future but for now remaining tight lipped and underground. This is how we got so rich. FORGET trying to get rich for yourself.

As 'The Last Avatar' I helped get Donald Trump and Christianity back into power and control. I have now bound the money to the Christians and The Knights Templar successfully.

If you want money you're going to have to give it all over to God as I have done. Pray for money for the wealth covenant so you can do useful things with the money. Don't use it for lust, greed or evil or you will not get rich any longer.

Don't say I didn't warn you. On judgement day those of you who have done this may just make it. Good saved Christians already have and all of our needs financial or otherwise are taken care of by God not ourselves.

TRUST THE TRUTH. I give you this article and for now back it. It looks legit or I wouldn't suggest it. Do as I say and GOD will grant all your wishes. Don't and be poor!

PERIOD....the truth is there if you seek it. "For I am the way the truth and the life".

'Spreading The Wealth Blessing'
Wealth Corp Strategic Securities Limited
'Investments In Vision'
Brett Young
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