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Dear Make Money Online...Seekers,

You can start FREE!......(If you can't wait to get started click the link at the bottom then return to read the article!)...phew it's been a crazy time and I know I kept on promising new posts and then didn't deliver.

However, there's been a good reason for that....ironically I've been busy creating wealth....but not just for myself but working on creating wealth for all of us! Stay reading, there's a program further on I want to tell you about that can start making you cash right away...and you can even start free! Also, there are some valuable tips on how you can rank faster and get more traffic to your sites quicker.

So, that's what this blog is officially about today...plus...I'm about to launch on Sept 1st 2017 my new Wealth University....the official launch! This is not a post about bragging, so bear with me. It's about keeping a belief within you, that you not only deserve to be wealthy but you are also capable of creating wealth, even online. That is, so long as you have the intentions of not doing harm to others with it and also intend to help those in need with at least 10% of it. If you don't have your mind on this and paying it forward the universe may just keep you in poverty, so keep it real. Try to help others create wealth and not just create wealth for yourself!

My goal was and still is, to provide the best 'Make Money Online' Wealth Creation Resource Tool available today. Now, whilst like any new business this may not happen straight away....my new University for Make Money Online opportunities is shaping up to be a good one. It's already ranked on page 1 of Google and is making it's way back from page three as we speak. I won't tell you for what term yet, I have a reason for that.

You see, whilst the negative types out there are running around saying how tough it is, 13 years ago I started my first download site and that site my friends has been ranking number 1 in the world for 13 years, falling from number 1 spot only now and again. Right now while I blog this site, the first I ever created, is sitting above Forbes at number 1 position in the world. I had no experience, hardly knew how a computer worked, let alone how to create a website. It's still in html, whilst all my websites are now created in WordPress and secured successfully behind a firewall. 

Lesson 1: The parallel here is no coincidence....I learned early in the piece to have your website rank quickly, you should tie a successful website you have to a new website, through back-linking and key terms. This meant that each of my sites is now scrubbing the back of the other one....first lesson learned in SEO. However, there is more to this than meets the eye.

The second aspect of ranking I learned early in this industry was how Google doesn't rank sites for Key Terms any more, so much as they focus on content....don't make this mistake. Place emphasis on your key terms being a part of your website, rather than in your Meta Terms within your header. Google's robots will love your site more if they discover valid content. Here is an example of what not to do when blogging.

I started a website called Backstageauditions.com (currently under-going surgery). I had 15,000 bloggers join the site to blog, yet none of them were valuable to me and here's why...

Lesson 2: They all added blogs which were nothing more than a long jumbled meaningless mess of what they thought were ranking key terms. Their blogs meant nothing at all to the search engines and the robots were just getting confused. Trust me...you can not and will not get ranked this way on Google! I added a subscription platform and tried charging them for blogging. I got all the way down to just 50 cents per month, yet not one of them were willing to pay for the use of my website. That is because, they were amateurs. If you wish to make money in blogging you must have valid content and you must deliver something valuable that people can use...period!

I trust this information will be helpful to newbies and would like to now introduce you to an online Work From Home Opportunity that is within the Data Entry Market.

WAIT! Before you run....another lesson!

Lesson 3: Not all Online Work From Home Data Entry Income Programs are scams! If they were all scams I would not have lent myself to this industry. I have created one such program myself which I intend to launch as the flagship program within the Wealth University I have created also known as WTA University. You can start free with this opportunity or you can go Pro and invest $50 plus per week in hqsoload.com and other similar solo adds sites. hqsoload.com has been very successful in getting results for Online Make Money From Home Opportunity Seekers. Click the link below and take a look....you owe it to yourself to work less hours and get paid more!

Lesson 4: Many of the links in this blog have since changed and many programs have morphed over the years. That's all a part of learning and testing. Do you think other marketers haven't gone through this? You will too, it's part of the learning curve. Yet, it's too time consuming to go back over old posts and renew information and links. You have to learn to move forward. Once you're at the stage of fine tuning the arrival, then people will learn to trust you. Then you can start building your lists. Who cares who moved on....there is always a fresh supply of clients who will go to your opportunity and when they return they will see it growing with fresh content. You just have to be patient and until you get there and arrive at the final product just keep testing and morphing your programs. You will eventually arrive at the point that you wish to be at, like me at this stage of the journey. It will be satisfying once you get there but be prepared to put in a lot of hard work. Tony Robbins clients were putting his products down when he was starting out. Eventually he created what are now known as some of the greatest products in the world!

Remember: He who procrastinates loses!

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