Sunday, December 02, 2007

(Nov 23 - Dec 3) 'New Catalogue For You!'

Updates: Our New Catalogue is under way. I've deactivated...see below for the full story.
Dear Friends,

I've now got a little more time to develop

This means the Catalogue will continue to grow, and you'll be able to enjoy access to some of the hottest prices on the Internet. I'm still developing behind the scenes, along with some other Wealth Corp Ventures, so time is still a little limited. Yet, when I've achieved a higher level of completion with these projects, you'll be able to benefit from a truly unique Internet Experience!

So...sorry that it's taken so long, but it's for a great cause. I intend to tie in and (which now carries an official certification), with Charity Organizations all over the world. We'll be releasing an Official Members Card soon, and the Non-Internet Hard Copy will also be released some time in 2008...although a little later than planned.

So...a Membership Fee of just U.S $2.25 per month will soon be introduced, with 20% donated to Charity. There will be a Joining Fee of Just U.S $9.95 and then the Monthly Membership Fee will follow, to maintain your Membership.

In addition, some of the goods we'll be adding to will carry a donation symbol, so you'll know which goods actually contribute to the cause!

I've disabled all of the Catalogue pages temporarily, except for the MP3 Players Page. This is to conduct maintenance on the Catalogue. You can still gain access to all of the MP3 Players displayed within the Catalogue and more.

If you want a Lifetime Membership, be in quick. Once the Catalogue begins to fill up I'll be introducing the Joining and Monthly Membership Fees.

You can still Join Here Free!

PS: Remember...we are now at (Only 1 S), although you can still access us at the old URL
'Spreading The Wealth Blessing'
Wealth Corp Strategic Securities Limited
'Investments In Vision'
Brett Young
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