Wednesday, October 03, 2007

(Sept 28 - Oct 3) 'A Quick Note On Updates'


Dear Friends,

Sorry about the infrequent blogging. I'll be getting back to some normality soon.

I'm changing Office at the moment, as well as making some big changes to the Web Sites, and introducing some new download sites soon. will also undergo changes too.

In addition to that, I'm finalising plans to get Smartsaverscard off the ground. The Membership Loyalty Card that I'm introducing soon, will at first reward you with a 10% Discount on all designated items throughout Any customer will be able to obtain the digital version of Smartsaverscard. Next Year...Smartsaverscard will arrive in its' hard form, in addition to the digital version. Users will be able to use it at Retail stores throughout the country. Once established in New Zealand, the card will be introduced into other Countries.

That's all for now...see you soon and thanks for stopping in!

PS: Remember...we are now at (Only 1 S), although you can still access us at the old URL

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