Tuesday, September 04, 2007

(Aug 30 - Sept 5) 'First Mini-Sites Launched'

Dear Friends,

Updates: See Bottom For New Links.

Something of interest today, for all those who have an interest in either increasing or replacing their current income, or adding to their Software or E-Book collection!

I'm launching the first of the Project-101 Mini-Sites today. I've revamped and added them to the digital download cart, for ease of access, and also added them to the free affiliate program for you to profit from!

You can purchase the products that are offered, via these Mini-Sites, for your own use and then resell them to others, making yourself 100% big fat commissions! That's because most of them come with the Full Resell Rights, which permit you to then sell them to others. Not only that...they each come with their own Ready Made Professional Web Site that you can use to pull big profits! Those that don't, have the resell rights available separate at their respective site.

If you don't wish to Purchase the products, but still want to make some great cash, you can join our Free Affiliate Program. It's easy to Join, and you'll have a great range of products to promote. I've added the Sites below. You'll find them all in the 'Affiliates Links' section, once you're logged in.

I've increased the commissions to a whopping 60% for all Level 1 Sales and 30% for Level 2 Sales, so you can make some worthwhile profits. I've taken the 'OTO' page out of the Affiliate Program, because I would rather you promote each Individual site. This way, you make money at the front end and your customers come back for more. Then, you still have 49 other Web Sites that you can promote to them, so that you can make money at the back end. I should have all 50 added to the Affiliate Program by the end of the year.

So...here's the first of the Project-101 Mini-Sites....check em out...you'll love em' I'm sure!

To keep them short...I've excluded the Prefix. However, the links are still live.

You'll find the 'OTO' page, with the entire collection there.


To Join - 'The Wealth Builders Affiliate Program' - free, and start making some great cash...


Enjoy...I'll see you soon and thanks for stopping in!

'Spreading The Wealth Blessing'
Wealth Corp Strategic Securities Limited
'Investments In Vision'
Brett Young
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