Saturday, August 25, 2007

(Aug 24 - 25) 'Some Blogger Update News'

Dear Friends,

Today I wish to bring to your attention some changes I'm making, to the way the Blog will be presented. Each new Blog will start with a list of the most Recent Changes to our Web Sites, &, and to the Blog itself, effective as of today.

# Updates:

Blog: This New Quickview Updates Feature has been added. Our New Catalogue has commenced, and I've begun transforming the Site into a fully fledged 'Members Only' Site. It's Free to Join our Members Program, and there's no obligation to purchase anything in order to remain a member. You can read a more in-depth overview in the Blog Previous to this one. Click Here You can make some great Cash Promoting the 'Onetimeoffer' Sales Page at Commissions have just been raised to 60% at Level 1 and 30% at Level 2. Although, the 'Onetimeoffer' Sales Page has yet to be changed to reflect the new Commissions. In addition to this, I've added the first of the 50 Resellers Programs to our Official Affiliate Program 'The Wealth Builders Affiliate Program'. Check it out, Click Here

Back to our Regular Blog after this, with this new Quickview Updates Feature before each Blog.

PS: Remember - The 'Project-101' Resellers Package Doubles in Price August 31st to $70 U.S

P.P.S: This is a Great Opportunity to Start Your Own Business - You'll have to be quick!

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Thanks for stopping in...God Bless you all!

'Spreading The Wealth Blessing'
Wealth Corp Strategic Securities Limited
'Investments In Vision'
Brett Young
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