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(Aug 21 - 23) 'What Is Our Sites' Purpose?'

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Hi, hope you all had a great day, or are having a great day.

We need to ask ourselves now and again...what is money really in relation to happiness? I mean, the person living on the street may be happier than most of us...right?

I'm not advocating that living on the street is the bees knees. Certainly there are no doubt millions around the world in that position, just looking for a way out...a better way!

But let's face facts. There are also millions of people, in all parts of the world, who are either middle class or even affluent, and are still unhappy. My point is this. We need to learn how to be happy without Financial Freedom, before we can even begin to be happy with it. If we can't rise and greet each new day, feeling blessed, and be happy for what we do do we expect to ever be able to successfully manage more?

It's true that in this modern technical era, there are a growing number of Individuals who are never happy with what they have, even when they attain more! We need to Ground ourselves and focus on reality. We aren't what we own. We are what we do and the way we think.

This may sound strange, coming from a guy who promotes a Shopping Site, and that brings me to my point. You need to know why I started in the first place. I believe that Consumerism has gone rapant in recent years, and that this is putting a strain on our budgets. I'm as much as a Gadget Freak as any of you and there's nothing wrong with having some fun with life, if you are blessed enough to do so. However, I also believe that Capital Greed, or more to the point Corporate Greed is wrong.

It's fine to promote Goods and Services to the World's populace and profit. After all, that's why we're in business right? Yet why can't goods and services cater more to the masses, and not just to those in the middle to higher class income brackets. Shouldn't everyone be able to afford to spend their money on something that makes them happy?

I would encourage everyone to donate at least 10% of their Earnings, as I do, to some sort of Worthwhile Charity. This can bring Great Rewards and Blessings into your Personal Life, and make some less fortunate Individual Happier than you could ever imagine. Try it and see for yourself. Even if it puts a strain on your budget. You'll be surprised to see how it has a 'Law of Giving - Return Effect' at some point further on down the track...and the joy it brings to the Other Person is of course the Main Reward!

So...that said. I went about creating a Web Site that can do just that.

The First Objective was to bring the average consumer closer to what they can afford to spend.
The Second Objective was to teach consumers how they can use the money they've saved to increase the 'Prosperity' or 'Blessing Flow' of others, whilst also increasing their own Wealth in the process. Thus, providing a better life for themselves when they retire and helping someone else along the way. may still be in its initial early stages in achieving this. Yet, as time goes on you'll see the direction we're heading in more clearly, and get behind us to beat down Corporate Greed and the Monopolisation of Goods and Services. There are limitless numbers of Companies on the Internet now, all striving for a larger slice of the Cake. In the past this has been viewed as a bad thing. Yet from History, we have also learned that it can be beneficial. That's what we should be aiming for in today's 'driven' era. We should be using competition to its Full Benefit.

I'd like to ask you to get behind our plight and Benefit from this yourself. Taking a 'Free Membership' at is a great move. I'm not charging consumers to surf the site, and you can guarantee that if I ever do introduce a monthly membership fee that it will be affordable and still save you money, through the savings you'll make. So, take advantage of the hours of surfing I'll be doing for you, to bring you the 'Best Buys' on the Internet, and Save yourself Time and Money in the process. You can Join at the Link Below.

Thanks for your dedication and patience, whilst our site has been undergoing changes, and rest assured that there will be even more exciting changes coming in the near future.

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