Friday, July 13, 2007

(July 8 - 14) 'Wow - What A Storm!'

Dear Friends,

What a Storm! Apologies to our Blog Readers for the gap, but we've all been busy getting through the storm. Of course, its small in comparison to recent overseas storms, yet large on New Zealand's scale.

With many still without Power and Phone Lines, all I can say is God Bless and let's get through this together! You know I can't help wondering if it was just our turn to be punished for a majority of people not choosing the right path, and not Blessing the Lives of Others. I'm sure many Christians would agree. Perhaps our Prime Minister needs to take the American approach and start saying "God Bless New Zealand"!....just a suggestion Helen Clarke.

Okay...enough about the storm, because I've been busy Cooking up one of my own. An Internet Storm that is!

I'm still running a bit behind, due to situations beyond my control. These things are only Designed to Test Us. However, you know what they say..."What you go through makes you stronger!"

Rest assured, Project-101 is coming together. At the moment I'm putting a few last touches to the Affiliate Program, and I've cloaked the Links for you to stop all that Affiliate Extension Theft that seems to be on the Rise these days!

When you sign up to the Free Project-101 Affiliate Program, you'll get your own Personal Links to either of our Web Sites. However, the Link will show as one Common identical link with an extension added to it. In the near future, I'll be adding Full Cloaking so that your Affiliate Link won't even show at all. This is the Best Protection and provides 100% Satisfaction.

I've been busy Organizing the 50 Various Web Sites Product Knowledge, in order to provide you with the ability to Successfully Launch your own Product Campaign, and put away some Serious Dollars. My goal is to get your attention away from the 'Get Rich Quick Schemes' that we've all heard about and show you the Real Way to make Serious Bucks Online.

You'll be surprised to discover that you really can make up to and above $100,000 in just 1 week, using Joint Venture Campaigns. That's, using other Internet Marketer's Lists to sell Your Own Products. Even offering Your JV Partner as much as 90% of the Affiliate Profits, by Tailoring your Affiliate Program for that Partner (you can set individual settings for each Partner), can earn you this much. Of course, it may take you two or three Campaigns, sometimes even more, before you achieve these types of results. Each Individual is different.

My point is...before I go...You can get Wealthy fast in this business...if you're prepared to learn the ropes. My Best advice to you is...grab yourself a copy of Project-101 before the Official Launch, when the Price will rise. The Knowledge and Practical Application, contained within each of these Powerhouse E-Books, Videos and Software Packages will provide you with all you need for a Successful Online Marketing Career of 6 to 7 Figures. This, I promise you. Study all of the material you'll receive. Learn the Knowledge and How To Apply it, whilst you're Customising your Templates and you will win!

It really is possible to make Big Bucks in this Business with the right tools. You can get those tools within Project-101 and more, by being a 'Gold Member'. Of course...Membership is Lifetime and that includes all on-going downloads in the future, aside from any Special Marketing Campaign Items!

GO to it people...Your Future is in your hands!

And Please don't forget...this is not just about personal gain. 10% of all Profits are donated to Charity and we urge you to do the same. Let's help others along the way. It's why we win!

Click Here For More Info!

Bye for now and God Bless you all!

'Spreading The Wealth Blessing'
Wealth Corp Strategic Securities Limited
'Investments In Vision'
Brett Young
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