Saturday, June 02, 2007

(May 31 - June 2) 'Internet's Best Buys'

Dear Friends,

Two points of interest today.

1.) Project-101
2.) Our new...'Internet's Best Buys' page.

Thanks to all our Loyal Visitors, who have surfed back in again for Project-101. The stats show that you still have confidence in me. That said...I know I still have confidence in you!

I know you'll love this Opportunity to start your own 'Home Based Business', just as I did, with no prior Internet Experience. It really is amazing just how fast you can teach yourself Html. As I have previously mentioned though. This is optional. Project-101 shows you how to get your 50 Sites up and running quickly and easily, with no html experience whatsoever!

I've almost completed the Pre-Launch for Project-101, so hang on in there. It shouldn't be too far away now. I'm hoping to make it available by the end of the weekend, or even sooner.

Now, regarding our 'new' page...'Internet's Best Buys'. We've added a new page for all Smartsaversshop Clients. From here, you can gain quick access to the Latest Hot Bargains on the Internet. We'll keep em' coming as often as possible, though they may not be every day. You can check the new page out below. All links go to 'well trusted sites' on the Internet.

Click Here: Internet's Best Buys

I'll speak with you all soon. Happy Shopping!

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