Friday, June 29, 2007

(June 29 - 30) 'Now These Are Best Buys!'

Dear Friends,

Some Exciting News for you Today!

We have for you the First Link of Many, to a Wholesale Directory that will Save you Hundreds, even Thousands of Dollars with your Shopping!

In fact, they have just completed their new site, and having been a member for over 2 years I'm excited to tell you about it! In fact, if you join now you'll Save Over $97 on the RRP of $147. They started with just 300 Memberships and they'll all be gone within just a few honestly be quick to avoid the New Price Hike!

But first...let's discuss another item of importance!

Throughout the last couple of years you may have noticed slow development, and several changes to our Site

Whilst it may not look like much has been going on, much time has gone into a Marketing Plan that will quite simply make most other Shopping Sites pale in comparison. Now...I'm not intending this to mean that one day you will see Smartsaversshop as it is today and then the next day it will be the most fantastic discovery since the Atom was split.

Building a Site that offers something different takes time and many, many hours of planning. The Web Masters of the Site we will tell you about next will vouch for that! I soon became bored with the idea of offering just another Shopping Site and wanted to give you something far more spectacular. soon became a Concept Site, which will pass through several stages of development, before arriving at its Final Destination as the Number 1 E-Tailer, with regards to the Products and Services it has to offer and how these are delivered to the Market Place. Eventually will operate much like Second-Life, with Consumers being able to pass from one Level of a Mall to another. Although I decided, in keeping with realism, that you will have to walk around the Mall rather than fly.

A Plan is coming together that will take another few years to correctly implement. This plan will mean you will be able to download information straight to your new 'Apple i-phone' or whatever GPS phone you should choose. This information will provide you with location maps to shops you wish to visit in your area, or outside of your area in another part of the world. Once you have located an item of interest at our Site, you can simply punch in the co-ordinates we give you and'll be taken straight to a shop in your area for your purchase.

The first question that springs to mind for many is...why would I do this when I can simply Buy the same item on the Internet, through, or any one of the Portals we are hooking you up with, at Wholesale Prices?

The answer is simple. Many still prefer Retail over the Internet, quite simply because they can pick the item up, check out its features, play around with it, and walk out with it right away. Although Internet Shopping is becoming more popular as time goes on, it will never replace Retail, and is only ever intended to be an alternative means of Shopping for Consumers. In the future we will be incorporating cutting edge technology, already being introduced abroad, to offer 3 Dimensional Graphics of Items available for Purchase at our Site. Eventually, with Computer Software becoming more flexible, you will also be able to experience the product's sound and features at the touch of the button and with food, even be able to taste it, through sensors attached to your tongue and/or nose.

The United States Air Force already has the technology for a Pilot to be able to steer a plane simply through thinking about what command he/she has to employ. The Internet is no different, and many unimaginable changes will gradually be introduced in the coming years.

For now, I ask you to remain a loyal visitor to our Site. Keep your eye on developments at the Site. In the near future we will be upgrading many areas of the Site and changing templates. We have already added the Second Part of our Concept Site and that is offers its Loyal and Valued Consumers, the ability to supplement their current income and even replace their current income within the space of 1 Year. I will be adding further Projects to the site in the coming months. As time goes on, Progress will speed up exponentially as more 'Seed Capital' becomes available.

I ask you at this stage to be patient and feed us with your comments and suggestions. You can do this through responding at this Blogging Site, which will soon be migrated to 'Wordpress', a much more flexible Site with RSS Feeds etc.

So, I begin this new month to offer you several new Portals, which offer both Wholesale and Factory Prices. Over the next week I will be reconstructing the Private Members Area, which will contain some of the hottest Shopping Sites with the Lowest Priced 'Best Buys'!

Good News!

Although will become a Full Members Only Site, Membership will be FREE!

Why have I decided to do this?

There are already many Shopping Sites on the Net and Competition is fierce. I have decided I wish to build our Community to a 'Massive Database of Subscribers'. Let's face it...the more Members we have...the better the deals we can secure for you through the power of Bulk Buying. So I am eradicating the Monthly Payment System and instead introducing a 'Free Membership Plan'. Of course, this leaves no profits for the Company at all, aside from those received through the sale of Goods and Services at the site.

All I ask is that you stay Loyal to once you have access to the other Portals we will supply you with. Doing so will bring you many benefits and we will be able to build for us all a powerful Database of Community Members.'s that Link I promised. But first...take a look at some of the benefits of joining!

  • Secure Site - trusted and well established. They review and test all Suppliers listed, before offering them up to subscribers.
  • Drop Shippers are Listed - You can start your own Supply Business and/or Retail Site!
  • Wholesalers are Listed - Save thousands with your own Purchases - Sell to others!
  • Liquidators are Listed - Save Money/Sell Goods bought from those closing down!
  • Manufacturers - The Best Source of Manufacturers, I've ever seen on the Internet!
  • Save $97 - On the RRP of $147 for this, the latest Site and painstakingly rebuilt!

How Do I Access this Top Internet Wholesale Directory
For Best Buys and Hundreds Of Suppliers of Products?

Simply Click Here to Watch The Video and Subscribe!

Wholesale Suppliers & Wholesale Products

  • In future - all links will only be available from within the 'Private Members Area'
  • I wanted to give you a Sneak Preview of what 'Free Site Membership' can mean!
  • It's easy to get started - By next week we'll have the New Members Join Page available.
  • Simply, Take out a 'Free Lifetime Membership' to our Site, at!
  • Once you Join; you can use the Email address and Password you gave us, to sign in to the 'Exclusive Private Members Area'.
  • There, you will find a link to this Site, the first of many we'll give you!
  • In the meantime - enjoy watching the Video and...
  • Remember: Memberships are going fast!
Bye for now and Happy Shopping!

'Spreading The Wealth Blessing'
Wealth Corp Strategic Securities Limited
'Investments In Vision'
Brett Young
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