Wednesday, May 30, 2007

(May 26 - 30) Attn: 'Damage Control'


Apologies My Friends,

My Best Intentions went astray again. There have been a lot of unexpected events in the family lately. My Father underwent Bypass Surgery. I ripped my ankle badly, still recovering in fact.

Okay...not going to bore you with the details. Suffice to say...thanks to those who have hung in there and remained loyal to really is worth the wait. You can make some serious cash with this!


Project-101 Is Almost Ready!

I thought with the two false starts we've already had that it would be unwise to set another Definite Launch Date. However...that said...we're aiming for Some Time This Weekend. I'm actually still waiting for one of the Domain Names that I registered to be released, as it has been under transfer. Those of you who have done this, will know how long it takes...too long really. That's been another reason for the delay.

Rest assured that although you'll experience a lot of these delays yourself, when you embark upon your own Projects, we'll show you how to overcome them without too much fuss. It's not really labour intensive as much as time intensive. No big deal really.

So, please bear with me a while longer as I arrange the last formalities for the Pre-release of Project-101. Remember...for the Pre-release there are only 101 Packages at half price, so be quick!

Thanks again for your patience, and I'll blog again soon!

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