Tuesday, April 10, 2007

(Mar 25 - April 11) 'New Site Coming!'

Hope You All Had A Great Easter/Passover!

We've some great changes coming up. A Total Revamp really! Within the last 24 mths we've noticed some common trends developing in the Internet Marketing Industry. Many of you will already be aware of the now current developmental stage in Web History, more commonly know as Web 2.0. Don't worry...I'm not going to bore you with any more riff raff about Web 2.0. Not this time anyway! Suffice to say that we intend to employ some of these ground breaking technological advances in the near future.

Upon saying that. We've got something far more advantageous for you just around the corner. It's not far off now and we feel the Internet buzzing about this already. I'm sure it's going to make a lot of people happy and fill more than a few pockets with cash...large amounts of it too! In keeping in mind with our theme of assisting others to rise, thus ensuring your own success, we've incorporated some necessary elements. No point in just making money for the sake of making money eh! Generosity makes the world go around! Pay it forward....a powerful concept!

So...we'll soon be introducing Wealth Corp's first Major Internet Project. We've code named it 'Project 101', the first in an on-going series of Wealth Creation Projects. Designed to create a chain reaction to spread the 'Wealth Blessing' there will be something for everyone. It's imperative that these Projects provide as much flexibility as possible, so we can ensure everybody gets in on the act. Project 101, the first of our Wealth College Projects, has a three stage entry option. That means that you'll be able to join at the following levels.

1. No Capital Input

  • Provides: a vast Collection of 'Free Web Resources' - 'Online' and 'Down loadable'. Entry at this level entails signing up for the Free Affiliate Program. You'll have access to 'Project 101', so that you can also benefit from setting up your own 'Home Based Business'. Don't underestimate the power of 'Home Based Businesses'. Many do and this is a mistake. Many are now making Six Figures from their Business/es and some even Seven Figures! We'll show you how you can do the same, by using our Wealth Duplication Modules. We are not going to feed you with the same High Promise Deals many hit you with on the Net. This is serious Marketing, no experience necessary, just be willing to read, learn and follow instructions. Do that and we can ensure your success. And we'll be giving you examples of others just like you who did the same. Many started with no experience or seed capital!
2. Platinum Membership

  • Platinum Membership: is for those who join the Monthly Membership Program. At this level you get the same as above. However, you will also receive additional valuable resources from the Gold Membership Vault. We will 'time release' these to you at a certain monthly rate over whatever period you remain a Platinum Member for. This entails joining the Free Affiliate Program. You will have access to the 'Free Collection' as well as receive download links to some very Valuable and Beneficial Resources, designed to accelerate your Financial and Spiritual Success. Well worth the low Monthly rate!
3. Gold Membership

  • Gold Membership: is for the more serious 'Home Business Entrepreneur' or those who wish to accelerate their success at a rapid rate. This entails joining the Free Affiliate Program. You have access to the 'Free Collection'. However, in addition to this you receive 'Lifetime Membership' to the 'Gold Members Area'. This is a Resource Area flowing with Rich Downloads of E-Books, Reports, Articles, Links and some extremely useful software. Some of this Software would cost hundreds of dollars alone. There is quite simply thousands of dollars worth of Resources in this area. And to really accelerate your Wealth Creation you'll also receive 'Full Resellers Rights' to most of these products. You'll get Camera Ready Jpegs and Gifs of these products, along with their associated Web Pages. We'll show you how to get your own Server and load these to the web so that you have money coming in day and night 24/7 - 365 days of the year! Not only that. Should you wish to choose the slower yet less time consuming method, we'll give you a copy of our Resource Rich site, fully customized with your Affiliate Link so that you get the commissions to two levels! What can be better than that - your own Web Based Business - and what's the deal? Well, as we said there are thousands of dollars worth of Resources in the 'Gold Members Area'. However, we want to spread the 'Wealth Blessing'. So we're going to be setting the price at just $72 U.S. That's approximately $101 N.Z, which is one of the reasons that we've called it Project 101. Here's the main reason:
Wealth College - a community of wealth seekers, will be setting an intake of just 500 Members! Why just 500? We feel that we can better focus on your success with a controlled community. Project 101's goal is to create 101 Millionaires by Dec 31st 2009. Every member of the community will be invited to a 500 Strong Celebration. There, we will be making a presentation to those who make it through to 'Wealth Corp College's Millionaires Club'. These Individuals will form the first part of an extremely successful 'Round Table' of 'Wealthy Millionaires' who will be invited to participate in Earth Projects around the Globe. As well as assisting the less fortunate of our Global Community they will also Mentor others within the Organization to do the same.

We're excited about this and we know that many of you will be too.

We'll keep you informed of Project 101's status and release date. This is going to be big and we're sure the Web will be Buzzing about it for some time. At least until we start our next project. You guessed it...'Project 102'. Be in quick when we release details. We'll only be accepting 500 Members to this community and there will be requirements to maintain 'Project 101' status. Don't worry they won't be too stringent. However, we are looking for some sort of a commitment from Wealth College Students.

Some of you may have been wondering what's happening to the Shopping Site? We have some grandiose ideas for the near future. We can't tell you what they are yet. That would be telling wouldn't it? However, they will be big and beneficial. Most of our time will be spent on 'Project 101' and we will be contracting a lot of the Shopping Mall out now. This will improve the service for all our members and also free up our own time for the Wealth College Projects. However, we do intend to keep the current site active and operate it as a Members Bonus Site, providing as it is now, the Internet's Lowest Prices - Guaranteed! In fact, if you know of another site offering a better deal...we want to know about it so that we can tell all Smartsaversshop Members!

Well...that's it for now. I know it's a lot to digest in one Blog but well worth the read.

Take A Look at the list of Experts we've drawn resources from for Project 101!

Click Here: Top Internet Millionaires

Keep Smiling and may a little light of yours always shine upon others!

'Spreading The Wealth Blessing'
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Brett Young