Saturday, February 10, 2007

(Jan 21 - Feb 10) 'Music Downloads Area'

It's Been A While Since A Blog, We've Been Working On Ideas.

We've been thinking of new ways to make the Ultimate Web Experience.

To start with, we've added the beginnings of an Area open to Members and Non Members alike. It's called 'Music Central', because from here you can access all of your Mp3 Downloads, Radio Stations and search for anything Music Related. Okay so, we still have some work to do, it's early days yet. However, by the time we've expanded this area you won't have to shop anywhere else for your Music Related Entertainment. You'll be able to access right here!

Our goal is to make the 'One Stop Online Portal' for all your needs, from Online Shopping through to Online Entertainment. We can't tell you what we have in store for you in the near future yet, but it's going to be exciting and somewhat revolutionary!

You can enter the 'Music Download' Area Here: Click Here

PS: Don't forget...our goal is to raise a vast amount of money to help those in need, the Poor and the Needy, the Sick and Afflicted, the Homeless and Lonely. For now...10% of all profits raised through this Site go to Charity. Later, when Smartsaverscard is released there will be a lot more money in the Coffer. Let's all make Poverty History! Soon we'll be releasing details of exactly where the money raised will be spent. That's the beauty of shopping with Knowing that you can make a difference to the lives of many!

'Making Poverty History'
Your Friend In Wealth And Spirit
Brett Young

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