Monday, January 15, 2007

(Jan 11 - 15) 'Members Area Now Active!'

======================================== is about to bring you the World's Hottest Deals!

Let us shop for you. In these hectic fast paced times, you don't always have time to Surf the Internet to find the Best Buys. Locating the item you want is one thing. But then you have to Surf a Couple of Dozen Other Sites or More, to see if you're getting the Best Deal!

We're taking all the pain out of your shopping. With our one-stop-shop you'll be able to Surf the Best Sites instantaneously!

Here's How It Works

You can Access any of the Pages within our Web Site in the Normal Way. Unlike some other Sites, which require you to Join before you can access some or all of their Pages, at you can Surf at your Own Leisure. This way, you don't have to Join the Program until you really find Something of Interest to you. You can then Join the Membership Program through the Signup Page and obtain your Log-in Password.

Once you're a Member, you can Access the Member's Catalogue, by logging in through the Log-in Page. You'll notice that anyone can access the Log-in Page, whether a Member or not. That's because some of the Items in our Site are provided here, in order to demonstrate how the Program works. However The Links marked 'Members Only - Signup Here' are only accessible, once you've Joined the Program and have your Log-in Email and Password. You'll receive this by email, after you've joined. You'll need to 'activate' the Link in the email before you can Log In.

You can locate an item Quickly and Easily. Just Search, using the Category Column to the Left of the Page, or by using the Catalogue Number allocated to that particular Product. You'll also find the Web Page that you can locate the item at, along with a Link to the Supplier.

Stay Close; Our Membership Program is New! We'll be adding New and Exciting Products each week, including a Free E-book and Software Area, just for Members. By Christmas we'll have over 500 items for your selection and some incredible Links. will become the No: 1 Internet Portal. We'll truly be your One-Stop-Shop! That's because we intend to increase our interests, to include Entertainment Sites, such as Music Downloads, Music Videos, Radio Stations, Games and Puzzles, Dating Services etc. You name it, we'll be providing it. We'll be setting up a Page, so you can tell us exactly what you want at, after all it's your Site!

Well, that's it for now. We hope you enjoy the New Members Program. We think it's excellent Value For Money. After all, you'll save more than your First Year's Membership with your first Purchase, as these are true 'Factory Rates'. And remember, after your 5th year of Membership it's Free for Life. We thought long and hard about offering a One-off Lifetime Membership, like some other Sites yet chose against it. The reason? We can offer you a far Superior Internet Experience with more Venture Capital! Where we intend to go in the near future will astound you, however it will cost into the Millions of Dollars. Thus, the 5 Year Plan! See you all soon!

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