Tuesday, January 09, 2007

(Jan 1 - 10) 'Whats New At Smartsaversshop?'

A Warm Welcome For The New Year!

To all existing Smartsaversshop.com Shoppers, and all new Shoppers.
This is our first Blog for the 2007. In recent months we have slowed down on the Blogging, in order to concentrate on our New Membership Program, which is almost ready. There have been a few delays in launching, due to some scripting difficulties, to interact with our Current Site. These are being resolved, yet we can only work as fast as the return correspondence will allow us, from our Third Party Provider. We are working steadfast, to ensure that you have a safe and unaffected Internet Experience, through our Members Only Gateway!

* There will still be areas accessible to the General Public. These Prices are at 'Wholesale' Rates.

* Another area caters for those who have joined our Membership Program. These are 'Factory'.

* We have reduced the Rate to Join our Membership Program.
* Now $25.95 U.S - approx $37 N.Z, for a 1 Yr Membership with Smartsaversshop.com

* Once you have been with us for: 5 Years - Membership is Free!

We believe this is a bargain! To locate the same deals that we do for our Customers, would take you hours of your own time, the same time it takes us. Plus, many of the Suppliers we will provide you with, including Drop Shippers for those who wish to on sell, do not advertise on the Internet in a conventional sense. We have secured the Directories and can now pass this information on to you. These Directories would cost you more than the cost of a Membership with Smartsaversshop.com.

It's a great deal, and a great way to Shop Securely, Rapidly, and in the most cost effective way!

For a more in depth explanation, you can go to our FAQ's; Click Here
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Brett Young

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