Saturday, December 02, 2006

(Nov 30 - Dec 2) 'The Web's Best Deals!'

Merry Xmas Shoppers!

A catch up message today, to let you know how our site is changing!
We've spent some time in the last 24 mths looking at various approaches to the Marketing of, so you can get the best deals.

We're now implementing the first stages of a long term marketing plan. We have now arrived at a unique marketing strategy, although it may seem no different from other IT strategies for now.

As time goes on, you'll realize how can offer you something very different in the world of 'E-Tailing' or 'Online Retailing', to what you've seen before.

We've started by implementing Stage 1. A simple yet sensible approach, which will benefit serious shoppers who wish to utilise the Internet to save money whilst shopping. We all use Retail outlets frequently, yet Online Shopping has recently become a more popular choice for many. The facts speak for themselves. With low or next to no operating costs, compared to a conventional business, the cost of goods is obviously far more competitively priced!

Our job, is to locate the best deals for you, and make them available to you, for a small initial investment of $39.95 (U.S) $59.95 (N.Z). After the first year of membership, you get a 50% reduction in your membership fees. We've bundled this all up with an Affiliate Program, so we can back up our claims. You see, we're not just another Shopping Site out to make a quick buck. We have a genuine interest in seeing you succeed, both in your financial life, and your spiritual life.

With the Affiliate Program in place, you can not only recover your Membership Investment right away, you can also make a great Part or Full Time Income. Introduce enough members and you could even leave your current job altogether. This is the power of Networking, and improving the lives of others!

So, we'll leave you with the opportunity in your hands. Remember...'for things to have to change!' If you want different results in 2007, you have to think about changing your own strategy too! We just know you can succeed if you follow a set plan!

All New Members can Trial the Membership System, we'll have in place within the next few days once our Domain Transfer propagates, for a period of two weeks, at no charge and no risk. If you like what you see you'll be automatically billed for a 1 Year Membership. If not, you can Cancel your Membership, and you Pay Absolutely Nothing! There's nothing to lose, so stay close to this site for the next few days, because we're about to go live with the Subscription Opportunity to a Site that can literally Save you Thousands over the next few years, and place some money in your back pocket too!

You can obtain a more in depth overview of Stage 1 here: Click Here
You can obtain a more in depth overview of Stage 2 here: Click Here
You can obtain a Preview of what we'll be offering here: Click Here

You can join our Free Affiliate Program here: Click Here

And, stay close for our Membership Program, we're going live within the next few days!

That's all for now, see you soon.

Seasons Greetings
'Making Poverty History'
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Brett Young

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