Saturday, December 30, 2006

(Dec 22 - 30) 'Remote PC Control!'

Hi Christmas Shoppers!

First off in today's Blog: Thank you all for your patience!

We encountered some scripting problems, due to the complexity of our temporarily re-directed Site, whilst we are Creating our new Web Site. However, this will soon be resolved. We can then provide you with the Login Page for your new Member's Program!

In the meantime, feel free to surf our current Site, as some Wholesale Products are already available for purchase. Also, we have a Great Link for you today!

At this Site, you can download Software, which is both Free or Available for Purchase. You can then Log-In to your PC, Remotely from anywhere in the world. And it's completely Safe to Use, as the Server only has Access to 'on the fly' files. That is, it only has Access to Files that you are Accessing, not the PC itself. Very clever technology and a must for all you travellers who may require access to files they have left behind!

Click Here:

Courtesy of: BBC World - Click

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