Sunday, November 05, 2006

(Nov - 5) 'Test Your Intellect!'

Want To Get An Insight Into Your Intellect?

Here's a fun site to test it.
Just click on the pic of your choice on the Homepage. Do this a few times and the Site will freeze temporarily. This is 'The Brain' analyzing you. It'll show you some more, and you can do the same. After a few cycles, 'The Brain' on the site will turn pink. Click on it, and it will provide you with an analysis of your Intellect...Great Fun. Be prepared to be a little surprised. It's amazing how accurate it is, considering they're just pics!

There's also other choices available, such as finding out how well your friends know you. Here's a link I saved for example, after building my own profile. Try it out if you wish, or just skip to the main homepage.

If you look carefully on this page, at the top right hand corner, you'll find a little devil. Click on this and it will take you to another site called

For The Main Site - Click Here:

Your It Pal
Brett Young

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