Monday, November 13, 2006

(Nov 13-14) 'Googles 'Writely' Doc. Software'

It's Arrived,
Google's New 'Writely' Online Document Processing And Storage!

You're going to love this! You can...

  • Upload A Document
  • Preview A Document
  • Edit A Document
  • Save A Document In Any Form
  • Store Your Documents Online, And More
You'll need to open a free google account first, if you don't already have one. You can do that from the same page. There are a few drawbacks with the software. For example, I tried uploading a page from an early magazine I published. The document, in Word form, lost all of its initial formatting. So it was impossible to PDF the document, as it had changed. No replacement for Adobe, yet despite this you will be able to do a lot with this online Program.

And the best aspect is that it is free for Google Account Holders.

'Writely' will bring a breath of fresh air for those who wish to store and share their documents online with others. Try it out.

Click Here:

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