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(Oct - 4) 'Service Today Is Appalling!'

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Well...I was pondering last night on what to submit to you. Today it became abundantly clear that there was a matter of urgency to discuss. It's a matter that concerns us all. Not just as members of the Internet Community, but also as Citizens of the Global Community.

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A growing number of people are becoming concerned with the standards of service offered to them these days, by various Businesses and/or Sole Traders. I am one of those people, not just as a business man but also as a Citizen. I mean...How is it that a company can expect to deliver promises, which upon receipt of our hard earned cash are then in turn not delivered to the client? It's crazy...Business suicide to say the least! The proof? How many large, well established, companies have we all seen collapse recently, when we thought that they were so stable??

Wow...This is unreal. There are companies falling like flies, because of this very lack of standards that I refer to. Some of these companies were founded over 100 hundred years ago. Several well established, supposedly secure, companies recently collapsed here in New Zealand too. Companies that you would think were going strong.

To say that I am angry with the Standards of Service offered by many companies these days would be an understatement. How do they expect to survive when an irate client voices their concerns over something, only to discover that the company has totally ignored the client altogether??

It seems that the main cause of this is the continually decreasing humility within the human soul. What do I mean by this? Well...Humans are becoming more fragile, more emotional. A client lodges a complaint with a company, and that company deletes the client's support ticket and totally ignores the client's justified complaint. This is what happened to me within the last few days. Why? Well I'm guessing, but I would lay odds ten to one that the staff member who had to deal with the complaint about their company took it personally. Either that, or the staff member had split up with their partner or the dog had run off with the neighbor's dog.

All joking aside though. I'm sure that you will agree that this is an unacceptable business practice and one that does not endear the company to the client by any means. And yet, it is now so common place. A company should vet their staff continually to make sure that this does not happen. Even worse still, the Manager responsible for overseeing this often does not do their job in ensuring that these staff are dealt with, so that the business does not get a bad name.

A little point worth noticing here Business Executives and Staff alike. The public are not stupid. Nor are many of them too lazy to rectify a bad situation through the appropriate channels open to them. I myself, prefer to go straight for the jugular. Otherwise the complaint gets filed in the "too hard to deal with" bin, which is what I am sure happened to me.

So much damage to a companies reputation can be done in such a short time by people like myself who may not lack the diplomatic skills with which to handle a complaint yet also are not prepared to sit back and see good money wasted through short comings in a company's Business Acumen. We must all strive to give and not just get, in these fragile and changing times.

I won't at this point mention the name of the company I referred to. This depends very much on how effectively they deal with the situation at hand. However I do intend to form a committee of dedicated individuals, comprising of Business persons and also private Citizens, to discuss the short comings in Business Acumen these days, to try and force a resolution to better Service. This will involve Blacklisting companies who refuse to provide the required service and then advertise these companies to members. Like a private consumer's club. Then and only then, will these underperforming companies sit up and take notice. This committee would be mobilized, spending a little time in each area around the world, receiving feedback from the Community.

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Remember; a great world relies on a great commitment from all, not just a few.

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Brett Young

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