Tuesday, September 05, 2006

(Sept - 5) 'How Stuff Works'

Ever Wondered How Stuff Works?
Now here's an interesting site! Here you can discover for yourself how stuff works. This particular link will take you to a page, which describes how V.O.I.P works. An ellipsis for, 'Voice Over Internet Protocol'. Yep...That's the special phone you can use with software such as Skype, the free Internet Messenger. Skype offers inexpensive International Toll Calling, or even Free calling, from your PC. It's great and pretty clear most times too. And with new technology, it's almost as good as phone to phone now. If you haven't checked Skype out yet, take a look.
It's free to download: Click Here:

And here's that Link for How Stuff Works: Click Here:

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