Monday, September 04, 2006

(Sept - 4) 'High Quality - Low Cost Goods'

Have You Checked Em' Out Yet?

Excuse us for toutin' our own trumpet...But if you haven't checked out some of our MP3, MP4 Players you should, before wasting your money. The Players we offer are all of supreme quality and come with the standard 1 year warranty.

Often the question people ask is, WHAT'S WITH THE PRICE?

You see...Just because they are well priced, doesn't mean quality is sacrificed...and here's the secret. There isn't one. It's really plain and simple. We offer exactly the same goods as any well known brand supplier does, such as Apple or I-River. The difference is in the way we structure our pricing and the way in which we supply these goods to you, the consumer.

We ship to you direct from the supplier. That means no middle man. And that's the only way we can supply to you at wholesale prices. What do all the main Petroleum suppliers have in common when they supply petrol/gas to you? They all purchase from the same holding tanks and then add their own additives later, branding as they go. We are currently supplying these high quality goods to you pre-branded and in the near future will be placing our own brand upon them. There is essentially no other difference apart from the price, and that's the good part.

You'll find our electronic consumables are priced at up to $100, and sometimes more, below normal retail prices, and that's a heck of a savings for you. Think of what you could do with the extra cash!

So Check em' out now and if there's anything more you wish to know about any of our products just drop us a line using our online contact form: Click Here

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