Sunday, September 24, 2006

(Sept - 24) 'Exchange Traffic Via Credits!'

Wow...Today Our Ozone Is Reduced By 25% Fellow Kiwis!
Something to do with the Air Currents they say. About the same radiation as a hot mid summers day. Although it's a one-off kinda deal, it just goes to show how fragile our planet's ecological balance really is. We should all be doing our part towards reducing greenhouse gases, and global warming, before it really is too late!

On a different note. Perhaps this will get your Web Site, if you have one, a little bit hotter too!

It's a Traffic Exchange Site that allocates Credits for the amount of surfing you do...That's the Web kind, not the kind you do at the beach! Gidget...Eat ya' heart out!

It's a great way of getting extra traffic if you're on a low budget and you get to look at some interesting sites too. There are other ways of getting free traffic too. They're all listed at this Site. Take a look: Click Here:

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Brett Young

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