Saturday, September 16, 2006

(Sept 14 - 16) 'Email Test Site - Pookmail'

Ever pondered over giving your email name out to a Web Site?
We all have right? Let's face it, some sites can be a little suspicious.
The answer?...pookmail!

It's easy and fun to use. It works like this.

Step 1: Make up an imaginary user name and enter. No other info is necessary.
Step 2: Wait for your email to arrive, from those you have provided it to.
Step 3: Login to with your user (email) name and click Go.
Step 4: After 24 hrs the email associated with your account will be deleted!

It's a great quick fix for testing suspicious sites before you give them your real email name! Since there is no other ID required to log in, it would be to your advantage to keep your unique email name a secret, as anybody could log in. Also, don't keep anything in the account that you need to keep absolutely confidential. Use it for what it is, simply a test site for potential email!

Give it a go: Click Here:

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