Monday, September 11, 2006

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Yesterday We Reviewed A Web Site, which allowed you to swap one question for another. Today, we review an interesting Web Site, which swaps one file you have for another, they have on their Server. You receive a random file in return. It's kind of like Mystery Envelope! Give it a go and see what you get.

Just A Tip; When working with a Web Site such as this, always make sure you have a good anti-virus Program in place to catch any Viruses or Trojans that may be lurking. If it's the World's Best you want, and I'm not just saying that, check out the only Virus Program I would use now, Nod 32. It's Premium software without the Premium Price. You can get all the Stats you need, to back up my claim here: Nod 32.

And here's that Link: Click Here:

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