Sunday, August 20, 2006

(Aug - 20) Automate Your Driver Updates!

Phew...I had been looking for an effective Driver Update Utility for some time that would update all of my drivers automatically, without having to sit an extensive PC Maintenance course at one of the institutions. Well smartsavers...I found it. You have to get a copy of this...It's a life saver. Let's face it...Microsoft doesn't exactly make it easy to keep the PC updated with all the necessary updates. One scan with this tool proved that even with Windows Updates active all the time, my PC was still way out of date, with regards its drivers! This can slow the computer down and even render it incompatible with other software upgrades. Sure, the C-Media driver update informed me that this driver was not signed by Microsoft and therefore could not be ensured to work correctly with Windows 2000. But this wasn't a problem, as the Drivers Headquarters Web Site only provides reliable drivers from reliable sources anyway. So I updated the C-Media AC97 Audio and was pleasantly surprised with the after market upgrade. MMM...Bill you might be giving lots of money away and I say God Bless you for that. However...don't forget us Microsoft users can often find more efficient third party software that works just as well or better, and easier to find too! Food for thought!

Anyway, enough prattle. This will make your life a whole lot easier, I promise. It places a quick link on the Start Menu too. One click and it will scan your entire PC and then provide a list of Drivers to download. You can download one at a time and rescan again or go for the full package, one after another. I always find it safer to reboot, run a registry scan and then go onto the next download. That way you can pinpoint any installation faults and remove them as you go. you can try this out for free and it's really well priced too, should you decide to buy it.

It will work with; Windows 98', ME, 2000 and XP Operating Systems

Here's the link; Click Here:

PS: We will soon be starting a separate Smartsaversshop Blog, discussing these technical issues. The forum will be open to Smartsaversshop Clients and the general public alike.

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