Tuesday, August 01, 2006

(Aug 2) - Chinese - Reverse Engineer Skype

Technology has come of age
...there can be no doubt about that. Fortunately, this has opened up the Communications Highway, making International Calling Cheaper than ever...and even Free...as many avid Internet users have discovered with Skype, which uses V.O.I.P (Voice Over Internet Protocol) More Info & How V.O.I.P Works

With a V.O.I.P Phone, the world is your oyster...let alone the convenience of using your own PC!

The world is about to become more contact user-friendly, as new technology comes to light and older technology is improved upon. And that's exactly what is about to happen with V.O.I.P!

The Chinese, known for their improvisational skills, are to improve the technology platform Skype is based upon, taking V.O.I.P to a new and improved International Level. You can read the full story - Click Here:

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